Prime Asset(Hinokiya Resco Co., Ltd.)

The needs and challenges of the market are becoming increasingly diversified. With “Prime Asset,” Hinokiya Resco offers both present- and future-minded services to meet both.

Customers are provided with attractive land utilization proposals from both physical and non-physical aspects that keep their risk to a minimum.

Houses for lease

Relative to newly-built apartments or condominiums in the same class, houses for lease attract renters even with 20% to 30% higher rent. Rather than conventional land utilization involving these properties, in which the large amount invested is recovered over a long period of time, Prime Asset constitutes a new form of land utilization with the near future in mind, consisting of sales, short-term leasing, self-use and other options over a five- to ten-year period.

Communication-centered share houses

These concept-based share houses are steeped in the idea of limiting tenants to Japanese individuals who wish to interact with foreigners and foreigners who are studying Japanese culture, and keeping the Japanese-to-foreigner ratio to 50:50. This model stays in line with the expectation of tenants who seek to take part in international exchange while also maintaining tenant rates and elevating the level of property owner satisfaction.

Opening facilities for the elderly

With “Hinokiya Living,” Hinokiya Resco takes maximum advantage of the land utilization knowhow cultivated by the Hinokiya Group to realize high, stable fields at facilities that collaborate with local medical institutions to offer full around-the-clock support 365 days a year. Medical facilities for the elderly under Hinokiya Living offer fully-private rooms and can be entered at a low price that includes rent, meals and utilities, making it accessible to enrollees in Japan’s National Pension Plan. Moreover, the lack of a need to burden tenants with high costs has created constant demand for admittance to these facilities. By keeping the amount of initial investment down and ensuring an early return on that investment within about ten to fifteen years, Hinokiya Resco makes high profit levels at these facilities possible.