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"AQUA FOAM", an eco friendly insulating material, contributes to make living environments human-friendly and earth-friendly.

"AQUA FOAM" ofNippon Aqua has the No.l share in the spray thermal insulation material market for detached houses. One out often newly built detached houses in Japan uses Nippon Aqua "AQUA FOAM". "AQUA FOAM" is used to form urethane foam at the construction site so that every comer of the gaps can be filled with the foam to make the house airtight. Freon gas is not used and formaldehyde is not generated. These gases, if emitted in the air, have adverse impact on the environment. This is an energy-saving thermal insulating material which is human and earth-friendly, and excellent in airtightness, with high thermal insulation, and sound isolation.


Construction Network

Construction Network No.I in the industry

business operation stations all over japan


constructor (Approved constructor)

Quality management

Quality management

Technical Center, first in the industry

In this Technical Center, we develop new raw materials making use of accumulated know-how and running research and studies supported by new technologies. We also provide product inspection and training and lessons on construction for quality management and improvement, continuing the revolution in technology day by day.

Product development

Product development

We manufacture raw materials to be blended
to form "AQUA FOAM" domestically and abroad.

We've entrusted our ISO 9001 certificated manufactures to make our original blend thermal insulating raw materials. Due to our high quality and product management organization,"AQUA FOAM" has been certified as a JIS Quality Mark product (Certificate of Conformance to JIS requirements). The materials have been supplied steadily to the market to meet the increase of works, altering market enviromnents, and needs to supply eco-friendly products while keeping the production cost low.

Product recycling

Product recycling

Product recycling for environment conservation

Approved by the Ministry of the Environment with the "Certificate for Wide Area Industrial Waste Disposal." Surplus "AQUA FOAM" recovered at the construction site is reused as urethane blowing thermal insulating material, "AQUA BLOW". By this recycling of product waste, we aim at environment load reduction.

Product recycling

Marketing and sales network

Sales branches and stock points are widely
allocated to widen the sales bases.

stock points are stationed at 40 sales branches all over Japan, from where the product can be delivered efficiently With these marketing, sales, and stocking networks, we can provide quick services and we have a constructed full support system.

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