Lifesupport Co., Ltd.

Helping to make others happy through nursing and childcare endeavors.

“YURARI” paid nursing homes complete with care

These facilities accommodate specific user wishes based on their habits and the level of care and provide help to reduce the degree of care over present levels as much as possible and expand the range of things that users can do on their own. For emergencies, nursing staff members are on call 24 hours a day by pressing the button located in the facility rooms. This will immediately notify available staff members, who have also been prepared to communicate with each other at a moment’s notice.

“KOYURARI” small-scale multi-function at-home nursing care

Life Support offers nursing care that combines three forms of long-term care insurance services—“home-visit,” “live-out” and “stay-over”—so that users can enjoy a rich, independent day-to-day existence. Users can spend quality time with peace of mind while associating with children and locals in their familiar, high-quality living environment.

“YURARIN” Authorization nursery and Tokyo authentication nursery

In addition to operating nineteen “YURARIN” authorized daycare centers that are also certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Life Support engages in comprehensive childcare assistance operations that are among Tokyo’s largest in scale, including after-school care facilities consigned by the local government.

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