Hinokiya Living

Hinokiya living is the first model HINOKIYA brand do all ”Hinokiya Fudousan” planning, construction and management of nursing care facilities.

Will build a mechanism for locally this base as within a 5 km radius area features different facilities such as "health conscious" and "life improvement types, expand at the same price, residents have lived their life choices. Also actively as new business models tend to owner benefits at the same time, high occupancy rate very sheltered with confidence through cooperation with the affiliated health care institutions that have already built expertise included reduction of construction costs due to group in the construction and running costs reduction energy efficiency high, capable of rapid return on investment, we will expand the area.

24 hours a day 365 days a year, medical response, nighttime support service.

Provide the facility available to senior citizens to live safely and with peace of mind at every day low prices. Expand offers wide variety of individualized health care, long-term care, nursing, rehabilitation, personal care is available.

Near the hospital and prepared in cooperation with secure systems. Can move at a reasonable price.Those who need care will live in the House. Promotes participation in society, increasing the amount of daily activity to stay alive and continue to support.
Also, provide appropriate for those who need medical care at home services, facility services, under appropriate medical management and health care of relax.

Home care services

Familiar home offers various nursing, rehabilitation, and support services.

Land referrals

In-home care support service

Reform work/exterior elements

Visiting elderly care service

Land utilization/inheritance measures

Visiting nurse service

Nursing care/childcare

Day care services